Frequently asked questions

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How Do I work out my ring size?

The BEST way to do this is to go to your local jeweller and ask them to measure your size for you. If however you live in the middle of nowhere and are unable to do this, you can measure your own ring size at home. Use a strip of cardboard and carefully wrap it around your finger. Precisely mark where the ends join up. Open the cardboard up again and measure (to the nearest millimeter) the length of the cardboard from end to end. This measurement provides you with the inside circumference of your ring. Tape the ends together and make sure that it fits comfortably on your finger. Slide it up and down your finger to make sure that it fits over your knuckle. You may need to attempt this a few times so have patience! Compare your length measurement with the chart provided below. Alternatively, YouTube is your friend! When ordering your Maiden Stone ring, please provide us with your UK ring size, as that is the sizing measurement that we use in South Africa.

What if I need my ring resized?

Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for resizing your ring if you have provided us with the incorrect size. If, however you have ordered something from our stock (and not a custom piece) we will happily exchange it for the correct size at no extra cost. You, however will be responsible for shipping fees. Incase you need to resize your custom piece, we charge from R200 to resize silver rings and from R300 to resize gold rings. (So best to get your finger measured by a jeweller before you order.)

When will I receive my Maiden Stone order?

All orders can be expected to be delivered within 10 to 15 working days of your purchase. If you have ordered something more complex, it could take longer due to the manufacturing process. If we expect your order to take longer than 15 working days, we will discuss this personally with you.